While I see your point and understand why you feel the way you do, I agree with the person you quoted here:

"For Siskind, one of the worst parts about her notoriety was the “weird bedfellows and allies” it brought. “A lot of people will be, like, ‘I read your article, and I really thought it was insightful, and the reaction you’re getting is really hard, and, you know, there should be fewer Black people at Harvard,’ ” she said. “And you’re, like, ‘Oh, my God!’"

I run into this often. It's hard to find people who agree with my opinions about cancel culture who aren't also just blatantly racist, sexist, homogeneous, transphobic, etc. I find them online, but rarely in person! Maybe this is why I appreciate the small collection of liberal skeptics I've found here on Substack so much.

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