Sitemap - 2020 - Hugo Schwyzer

Emissaries to the Deplorables: What the Left Can Learn from Bernie Sanders and Josh Hawley

"I Can Forgive You, But I Will Never Trust You As You Need to be Trusted"

A Time and Place for Everything: Children, Manners, and Code-Switching

Merry Christmas, and Thank You!

No, Liking "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" Doesn't Make You a Racist

Stop Going Through Women Like Jellybeans

The Christmas Party

"Helplessly Hoping:" A Story about a Song

A More Civil Nation: Could the WASP Reverence for Manners Get Us Out of this Mess?

Surviving Cancel Culture: Ava's Story

A Note on Titles, and Dr. Biden

Jumping the Net: On the Necessity of Learning to Lose Well

I'm Not Drowning: Finding Sexual Confidence after the Catastrophe

"Can You Make Your Co-Workers Stop Hugging," and Other Unreasonable Requests

I Cannot Sit with your Anger: on Rage and Relationship

"Who's Better than Us?" Remembering Cousin Wolfgang

"It's Not Your Fault, Daddy": Mental Illness, Family Systems, and Blame

Civility is Not Reciprocal: Why We Must be Courteous to Those Who Aren't

Living Civilly with Self-Hatred

Civility and Survival

Four Lost Rings: Divorce, Metal, and Memory

It Still Takes Two to Tango: A Defense of Shared Responsibility in Divorce

Civility and its Discontents: Part One

The Amicable Divorce: Friendship, Forgiveness, and Emotional Labor

Sixteen is Not Sixteen: Revisiting an Old Post about Teens, Sex, and Maturity

My Trauma, and Ours: On the Wisdom of Not Getting Over It

Please Break Up with Me Over Text: on WASP culture and reverence for privacy

The Strained Bonds of Affection: What Now for a Divided Nation?

Election Nights with Mama: 44 years of Memories

"He's Selling Subscriptions!" The Substack Model, Cancel Culture, and Legacy Media

Dating Dilemma: Red Flag, or White Lie?

The Night I was Shunned

Incivility as Moral Obligation

Fathers, Kissing Prodigal Sons

In 2011, We Couldn't Call it Rape. In 2020, We Can.

The Cruelty is the Point: Jeffrey Toobin, Sex, and Shame

Reclaiming the Flag

Scenes from the Store: the Violet and Indigo Series

The Best Friend I Lost to Trump

Living into my luck

Memoir, Culture, and Dispatches from the Cereal Aisle