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The Place Where We Can Always Start Over

How Do We Know What Home Is?

There is Always a Next Right Thing: on Leaving Trader Joe's to be a Full-Time Writer

The Rich Can Afford a Graceful Cancellation: A Response to David French

My Top Ten Songs of 2022

Finite Glories: Fighting for Taylor Tickets

Will the GOP Learn the Lombardo Lesson? Nevada, Abortion, and Liberty

Decorum and a Consistent Ethic of Liberty: Three Quick Thoughts on the Midterms

Ron DeSantis and Recovered Memory Madness

No One Wants a Pandemic Amnesty. That's a Mistake.

The Soundtrack Isn't The Screenplay: Why There's No Such Thing as Bad Music

Sex, Pens, and a Talisman of Forgiveness

Goodbye, Certainties: My Children and their Memories of Growing up in the Kabbalah Centre

Nury Martinez is a Human Being, and I am Concerned with her Future

The Thoughts Are Free

The “Try Guys” scandal, and the Fragility of Public Friendship

The Luck of a Big Family

Let Me Help Your Cancelled Friend. For Free.

Staying in L.A.; Choosing to Bloom Where You're Planted

What is Education For, or, Why Did the King Quote Hamlet?

My Other Grandmother: on the Queen

Remembering Luke Bell, 1990-2022

Ancestor Worship in Contemporary Los Angeles

Disgust is our Most Dangerous Emotion: on Manners and Children

“I Was Adored Once Too:”Unrequited Crushes with a Future Famous Person

City Mouse, Country Mouse: Thinking Through the Terrible Fear of Missing Out

The Old "Losing your Life to Save it" story

Friends with Money: Why Cross-Class Friendship is So Difficult, and Why it Matters

The Last Uncancellable Man: on Vin Scully

It's Getting Harder and Harder to Keep Secrets. Why Do We Still Try?

What Is - and Isn't -- in a Name

What's Me, and What's My Damaged Brain? Reflections on Personality, Identity, and Traumatic Injury

Contempt for the Popular: Music, Morality, and the Culture Wars

Hugo, Memoir Assistant

Nothing a Mob (or the Supreme Court) Does is Clean: Brett Kavanaugh's Dinner and the Social Contract

Both Father and Son: a Sandwich Generation Reflection

The Fourth, and Becoming What We Said We Would Be

They Want Your Children, and They Want Them Now: Culture Wars and Angry Parents

Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize: Why the Pro-Life Movement Won, and What the Pro-Choice Movement Must Do Now

Is Progress Guaranteed? Rethinking the Liberal View of History after Dobbs

Third-Graders in Love: Reading "Charlotte's Web" with my Children

The Heart, it Sinks: When People You Love Believe Weird Things

What Should You Be Doing While Others Sing you the Birthday Song? And, the Queen's Cousin.

Quick Update: Paid Subscriptions NOT Resuming

A Fire in the Cold and the Dark: Talking with the Children about Uvalde

A Death in the Family

Celebrating a Third of a Century in L.A.

Saying “No” to What I Want to Write About - and My Son Wants to be Mexican.

Not Civility, but Just Damned Good Luck: on Divorce and Friendship

We Are All Dumbo

A Brain Injury Changes Everything

On the Slap

A Season for Sweat and Silence